20 July 2016

First post

Hola! I mean heyy. So im currently not in a good mood for the first post ahahahaha but it's okay! So i am right now listening to sad songs. They are not sad songs but when you truly understand the lyrics, it become sad somehow. Can you relate?

So im starting to write this blog again, anonymously because i dont want people to recognize me. So that case i can write freely without anyone interrupting. So... This gonna be ermmm my personal online diary i guess. Since i dont open up to people, so this is where im telling my story.

Erm i've been thinking, what should i write for the first post. And i've no ideaaa omg so im gonna talk about my favourite person (aside from family and friends). He's a special person to me.. Yeah, he sacrifice a lot for me, but im not the type to show my appreciation. i kept treating him ermmm badly i guess ahahahahahaha yeah im so pathetic.

People give me love but then i repay them with bullshitssss im sorry for this. But i really am not the type to tell people how i feel actually. I dont know.. I keep picking up fights over small matters. But..... You apologize first, you comfort me, telling me how afraid you are when thinking that you might lose me. Ah shit im not a good person. How come i treat people like this. I keep thinking that I dont deserve to be with a good man like you but you keep telling me how i complete your life. Ugh

I cant change myself..... It was... just.... impossible..... So...... Can you please keep holding on me? Dont let me go. I really really really dont want to lose you.........

Thats all... Im being nonsense on my very first post ahahaahahahaa okbye goodnight!

Goodnight lavh

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