Reaction after reading the first post again

Hey im back! Yeah. There's so much going on with my life right now. The past few months were hectic for me. I've been involving myself with so many programs in the college and im enjoying myself. I was tired but im happy with myself, im happy with what i've done. Oh btw, I'm student at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and a proud resident of Ibrahim Yaakub's College.

So back to our topic, I was ashamed after reading the first post of my blog. I was like, whatttt? Did iI really wrote that? Ahhahahaha seriously? We already broke up actually ahahaha funny right? I was the one that asked him to hold my hands but I was the one that let his hand go. At that time, I realized I did'nt need a man to make me happy as I was busy with my friends, assignments and also programs. There're many other things that can keep me happy.

I did'nt need love, I just simply need someone to rely on I guess.

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